CenterPoint Church Kansas Podcast

Freestyle#3 Sleeping Under a Broom Tree

November 22, 2017

Sleeping Under a Broom Tree

1 Kings 19:1-4

The only way you can change your mind and emotions is by changing the way you think.

  1. Focus on the truth and not on your emotions

Vs 3-4  Don’t get in the Comparison Game

  1. Don't Exaggerate the Negative vs 10  

What was God’s remedy for his Fatigue?

1 Kings 19:5-10  He met his Physical needs Vs 5-6  

Physical restoration is essential for EMOTIONAL renewal.

  1. God RenewedHim vs 9-10
  2. God Reminded Him vs 11
  3. God Recommissioned Him vs 15

Matt. 16:25

Get involved in helping other people

 (John 8:32).